Friday, November 03, 2006

Talking To Myself

OK, so now I'm going to ask myself some questions and answer them. Nay, I'm not schizophrenic, this is just my way of answering questions for you, assuming of course that someone out there is reading this. Though I'm also partially questioning myself as to be clear on whatever I'm doing here.

So I will begin - Why start a blog in the first place? I like music and I need a place to house my musical thoughts, rather than have them run around in my mind, and subsequently driving me mad. Sure, I could write them out on paper, but what kind of security is that, what if my house happens to burn down? Catastrophe - my notes turned to ash! Blogger, as I understand it, is part of the almighty Google Empire. Ergo (that means therefore) their legions of slave workers will assure me of invulnerability, right? (Note to self - back up my musical ramblings in .doc format) Order? I don't think there will be one, at least not chronologically. Whatever comes to mind will go up, be it modern or not-so-modern. Themes? I'm liking the artist/band-centred posts, as opposed to genre-wide ones. But maybe one given length of time (say, a week) could be focused on a particular genre or idea, while another could be dabbling in other notions. Frequency? Hopefully I can update this 3-5 times a week. It depends on how creative I feel, whether I have the time/will to do it, and quite simply how late I'm staying up at night. Ulterior motives? Who, me, what do you take me for? OK fine, I guess I wasn't telling the whole truth before. I do listen to quite a bit of obscure music, and I wouldn't mind giving those artists some more exposure. Yeah, I know, that's an extremely conceited (and pretentious!) ambition - me vaulting these obscurities into a slightly lower degree of obscurity? Well, one can dream. But maybe these artists don't want exposure and make more and more music just so that they're the most indie of the indie bands. Well then, I apologize for any disservice I may have caused and congratulate you on being a living piece of irony (I reallllly like irony!). Favourite Food? Pizza.



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