Friday, November 03, 2006


Amidst my recent forays into electronica, shoegaze and dream pop have forever held a significant grip of my musical fibre. Lush soundscapes painted onto my eardrums, goop by goop. Dreamy (dreamy to describe dream pop, how creative of me..) vocals of majestic proportions. Lazy beauty carved into my ears.

Last night I had the notion to listen to Mazzy Star and, true to the title of this entry, I was star struck. Hope Sandoval's gentle introspective chants heard throughout So Tonight That I Might See washes my uneasiness away, just as it did the first time I heard it. And while I certainly don't discount David Roback's contributions, namely the wonderful drones from his guitar, it certainly is Hope's vocals that catapult them into the top echelon of dream pop. Her voice has a timeless beauty to it, similar to that of Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins). Hopefully I'll always be allowed the pleasure of returning to that assuring voice, despite the sonic abuse I've given my ears over the past few years.

Enough chatter, I'm off to the dreamland, nearly there...
Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
Mazzy Star - Bells Ring
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