Sunday, December 03, 2006

Twee-Pop Mix [DAN 002]

I've had a soft spot for twee for years, even when I didn't really know what it was. Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura - both have been long-time favourites, especially B&S. But a whole genre of sensitive, introspective, and beautiful guitar-pop? Yes, indeed!

So I liked (no, loved) Belle & Sebastian, what next? Following the somewhat eccentric path of musical exploration (allmusic, acclaimed music, pitchfork, and a bazillion other sites), I was eventually lead to find the Twee As Fuck: The Joy of Kittenhood compilation. Having listened to the tracks ad nauseum, I started taking to a few artists, the Field Mice (pictured above) in particular. Next, I hunted down as many entries in the Sarah Records catalogue as possible, a search which is still ongoing.

Here's a selection of my favourites from the compilation, Sarah, and other sources. Clicking on the artist link will re-direct you to Amazon and allow you to purchase an album by said artist.

Another Sunny Day - Anorak City [mp3]
Another Sunny Day - You Should All Be Murdered [mp3]
Beat Happening - Our Secret [mp3]
Belle & Sebastian - Jonathan David [mp3]
Belle & Sebastian - This is Just a Modern Rock Song [mp3]
Black Tambourine - Throw Aggi Off the Bridge [mp3]
Even As We Speak - Drown [mp3]
The Field Mice - Emma's House [mp3]
The Field Mice - Sensitive [mp3]
The Hit Parade - Hitomi [mp3]
Honeybunch - My Contribution to the Greenhouse Effect [mp3]
The Magnetic Fields - 100,000 Fireflies [mp3]
The Orchids - Peahces [mp3]
The Pastels - Mandarin [mp3]
The Sugargliders - Ahprahran [mp3]
The Sweetest Ache - Tell Me How it Feels [mp3]
Talulah Gosh - My Boy Says [mp3]


LindseyBee said...

You should really try some Tullycraft. They're the band that wrote the song "Fuck Me, I'm Twee" - and they are one of my all time twee favorites!

anne said...

yes! tullycraft are a must!

Dan said...

Thanks for the recommendation.

I have one song by them, which I like - "Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid to Know About"

So I'll have to get some more...

Anonymous said...


I have a small hobby label based out of Ottawa that has released a tribute to the Television Personalities who were one of the originators of twee (Pastels, Marine Girls, Page Boys were all on Dan's label Whaam records) and the tribute series features many bands with links to the Sarah / Shinkansen label such as Lovejoy, The Golden Dawn (The Void & The Catalysts), Pacific Radio, Roy Moller (who plays with Belle & Sebastian members and they even wrote a song about him), and many more.

Please get in touch if you are interested in hearing this and I will hook you up with a copy.


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